2018 Producers Choice Honors:

Event Terms and Conditions for Participation

These terms entered into by and between the 2018 Producers Choice Honors and our sponsors, nominees and special guests on behalf of for the participation of all listed in this paragraph for the theatrical events scheduled for 2018 at the Hard Rock Locations in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Pursuant to these terms and conditions, all active participants in this event agree to perform the duties here under noted, and in return for such consideration and services provided, agree to provide the benefits to all involved as here under noted.

Paragraph 1. At this event and through the promotional campaigns run by the Producers Choice Honors event producers, participants name and product will be put before millions of consumers who are targeted for the benefit of each participants product. Participants agree to participate at the theatrical event by providing display and promotional materials of their choice, but subject to any restrictions as may be placed upon the 2018 Producers Choice Honors event by venue management. Participants agree to consider both financial and physical presence participation in all events produced by, or related to, the 2016 Producers Choice Honors event during the year 2018 in as full a manner as possible.

A. In consideration of the payments made by participants detailed in Paragraph 1, the 2018 Producers Choice Honors event agree to provide for active participants the following: 2018 Producers Choice Honors subcontractors will display selected active participants logo’s and/or name listings in select programs, web postings, and other specially selected promotional materials for the 2018 production year in print, television, internet, or other promotional outlets. 2018 Producers Choice Honors will make best efforts to obtain press coverage for all events and include selected participants business name, logo, and / or photographs in said press coverage.

B. 2018 Producers Choice Honors event will display and cause to be displayed, within the policies of each respective venue, selected participants promotional material, including any promotional staffers. 2018 Producers Choice Honors handlers will contact venues in advance and negotiate and make every effort to insure active participation in this red carpet press event to the fullest means possible. Selected participants are however, responsible for providing said promotional materials and staffing.

2. In addition to the benefits to Sponsor noted in paragraph 2 above, 2018 Producers Choice Honors also agrees as follows:

Examples: 2018 Producers Choice Honors handlers will produce the event and secure the commitments of all the participating talent for the event.

2018 Producers Choice Honors event will market and promote participants products at the event venue for the purpose of getting the venue to include selected participants product inserted into the venue normal product line regularly sold to the venue’s customers.

2018 Producers Choice Honors will cover the costs of video taping the red carpet press event. However, any video footage requested for use by participants that requires post event production time will be the financial responsibility of paid event participant. Venue may be subject to change with up to 30 days notice.

2018 Producers Choice Honors will solicit and attempt to secure press reviews or written article for Sponsor or one artist of Sponsor’s choice in a local music related publication. However, the 2018 Producers Choice Honors, have no control over the content of said review or article.

2018 Producers Choice Honors will solicit using best efforts, for national television news coverage, and multiple publicity photo opportunities for all active participants.

3. These terms and conditions contain the entire understanding between the parties and can not be modified except through written agreement signed by all parties.

4. Each party hereto represents and warrants that he or she has the authority to enter into these terms and conditions on behalf of their respective organizations and do so act under said authority.

5. 2018 Producers Choice Honors handlers and their executive producers, associate and supervising producers and any staff members, can not be held liable or responsible for any act or omission of a third party affiliated with the 2018 Producers Choice Honors red carpet press event, nor can any of them be held liable or responsible for any act or omission of any third party or subcontractor participating in this red carpet press event.

6. Since 1991 Executive Producer Alfred C. Bowman has produced 25 years worth of Los Angeles Music Awards Events. In 2015, the rights to the Los Angeles Music Awards 25 year history were transferred to LAIMA LLC, 3410 Industrial Road, Santa Rosa CA 95403.

7. The Producers Choice Honors is an newly formed event. It is operating according to a mutual management arrangement with LAIMA LLC, according to the previous transfer agreement between Alfred C. Bowman and LAIMA LLC, 3410 Industrial Road, Santa Rosa CA 95403.

By having read and understood these Terms and Conditions, we warrant and represent that we have each had the opportunity to consult with independent counsel and are entering into this after fully reading and understanding the terms and conditions thereof.