gold_dividerHere are some frequently asked questions along with answers about the business of recognition at high profile red carpet press events and the positive effects it can have on artists and their ambition to gain traction in the entertainment business.

Q: What is the main difference between a red carpet community event and an industry event ?

A: Great question. The Producers Choice Honors, like it’s predecessor the LA Music Awards, is a true community event. The standards set for picking recipients is based on factors other than just high box office gross or large commercial success. Production quality of music or film, talent level of the artist nominee and most importantly, the inspiration provided to others by the chosen recipients are the main considerations used in this events production.

Q: Can an independent and lesser known artist or band perform on stage at the Producers Choice Honors event?

A: No. In order for us to secure our first ever television deal, we had to offer these coveted live performance slots to national acts. For 25 years, the Los Angeles Music Awards was mostly rejected by the television networks for broadcast because it lacked recognizable star power on it’s main event stages. With major celebrity acts performing, it guarantees millions of viewers will watch.

Q: What was the main qualification that could help an artist win an LA Music Award during it’s 25 year run?

A: For us as producers, it was always one simple thing. If any nominated artist could successfully sell themselves and their dream of being a public figure music celebrity to a company that was then willing to put money and their good name on that artist attached to our red carpet press events, then that nominee deserved an award. There is no better reason to hand an award to someone than that. To achieve something like that is no less than remarkable and is deserving of this kind of accolade.

Q: What makes the Producers Choice Honors such a unique opportunity for the independent artist nominees in 2016?

A: For one thing, each artist nominee will be a part of the 25 LAMA celebration tied to this event. Each of them will be specially selected from over 10,000 songs and past nominee and award winning participants going back to 1991, the first year of LAMA. With just ten categories and ten chosen nominees in each of those categories, the artists that participate in this show will be given the best opportunity they have ever had for getting mass media exposure. The Producers Choice Honors will also honor 12 internationally known celebrities from film and television as well. This will give this specially selected nominee pool that rare chance to mingle in a theater filled with publicists, managers, agents and other industry heavyweights.

Q: Is Los Angeles still the music capital of the world?

A: No it is not. That distinction now belongs to Austin,Texas. L.A. is however, the MEDIA CAPITAL of the world and is the single best place to be if you want to become a popular music celebrity. Every major mass media company is based in Los Angeles, from ESPN to all the major television networks, photo service agencies, public relations firms and just about every major publicist and print publications are all based in L.A. Red carpet events are where the mass media gathers in the biggest numbers, and that is where the Producers Choice Honors can place you and your band at our special press events.

Q: Can an independent and lesser known artist or band perform on stage at the Producers Choice Honors event?

A: Yes. This has to be arranged well in advance with the executive producer and involves a financial obligation to support the event through either sponsorship or the purchase of a VIP dinner seat package. Of course, the artist must also have superb material in their catalog.