Counterculture definition
A subculture whose values and norms of behavior differ substantially from those of mainstream society, often in opposition to mainstream cultural mores.

The Producers Choice Honors presents the Counter Culture Award for Community Service to the following achievers.

2017 Counter Culture Award Recipients
* Linda Churchwell: Literary Award for Sir Winston’s Loophole: Leaps and Hounds
* Pedro Gallegos: Outstanding International Hair Stylist
* Ronald Fauth: National Community Service Award on behalf of Homeless Veterans
* Eric Bettelli: Lifetime Achievement: Magazine Publisher
* Mitch Perry: Lifetime Achievement: Rock Guitarist
* Daniel Hicks: Black Raven: Best of Las Vegas: Musical Group
* Katherine (Kool Kat) Farnham: Best of Las Vegas: Outstanding Record “Vintage”
* Katherine (Kool Kat) Farnham:Best of Las Vegas: Spoken Word Album
* Holley McCreary: Best of Las Vegas: Female Singer Songwriter
* Stacy Robin: Best of Las Vegas: Album Series
* Larry Lavitt: Best of Las Vegas: Video Producer
* Marneen Fields: Best of Las Vegas: Inspirational Single: “ Katherine Davis: Take 2”
* Kaisi Berick: Best of Las Vegas: Music Producer
* Willie Ames: Best of Las Vegas: Solo Album
* In The Midst 777: Best of Las Vegas: Outstanding Rock Band
* Marty Allen: Lifetime Achievement Award: Comedian
* Ron Whitaker and Rodica Isabella Shaldan: Best of Las Vegas: Life Time Humanitarians
* Gianni Ephrikian: Best of Las Vegas: Orchestral Composer – Conductor
* Karen Nussbaumer. Best of Las Vegas:Humanitarian Organization Award for Sorella Entertainment
* Dan Crenshaw: Best of Las Vegas: Rock Guitarist
* Ron Whitaker: Best of Las Vegas: Rock Drummer
* The Phoenix Patriot Band
* Petty Fever: A Tribute to Tom Petty
* Randall Zwarte Band: A Tribute to AC DC
* Bob DeSena: A Tribute to Santana
* The Herstory of Rock with Carol Lyn Liddle
* Nancy Jacqueline Ramirez Best of Las Vegas: Rock Bassist
* Barrie Dempsey: Best of Las Vegas: Solo Artist